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Vector Tracing

The advantages of Hand drawn Vector conversion and logo retracing

All bitmap or jpg images can be traced using automated software, but most often the results will never be as good as having it manually hand drawn.
If you attempt to auto-trace text or slightly blurred artwork, you will quickly realise that its not quite as straightforward as it first looked.
By using our vector drawing professionals to manually hand trace your artwork, you will save yourself hours of grief and also they will be able to visualise missing areas and add in extra detail that the auto-trace tool simply won't pick up.


Before image


After image

What is a vector image?

Vectored images or text are made up of many individual scalable objects using mathematical equations that 'describe' the image.

The main advantage of a vector image is that they can be scaled to any size and will always remain sharp, unlike bitmap images, which will become blurry or pixelated.

Once your logo has been converted, it will become ideally suited for just about purpose, for example, signage, vinyl graphics, stencil making, decals, embroidery etc.

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