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Pavement Signs

It pays to have signs on the street that get your company noticed.

Pavement signs are versatile and are one of the most direct forms of advertising for attracting custom to your business.

Sign Boards

Site signboards are one of the simplest and most effective means of advertising the work you do at the place you are doing it. Placed where passersby will see the board and the work you are doing could bring in untold additional business.

Safety Signs

As well as providing internal signs, West Sussex Signs can provide durable, weatherproof external signs which have an average lifespan of 8 years.

Magnetic Signs

Sometimes a company vehicle needs the option of being used as both signed and unsigned.

Removable magnetic signs are the perfect solution and can be made available in different sizes.

House Signs

House signs are a unique, individualistic way of personalising the name or number of your house in a decorative way.

Shop Signs

A well presented and maintained shop front will make the difference between getting a customer in your door or letting them go next door.
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